Personal Injury

We handle all types of injury cases, slip & falls, car accidents as well as Medical Malpractice and Cruise Ship and Maritime cases. I work closely and personally with each client and I have attorney Cam Justice, Esq. with over 20 years experience of counsel to our firm working with the insurance companies and the courts to get Justice for you!


F.A.Q How Does my Personal Injury Case work?

  1. When you call us we get all the information about what happened to you and what injuries you sustained.
  2. We find out who hurt you.
  3. We send our investigator to sign the retainer with you or you come to our Plantation or Fort Lauderdale Office.
  4. We check out what insurance coverage if any is available to pursue damages for you.
  5. We refer you to a health care provider to start treatment(unless your treating with your own doctor).
  6. We wait until you’ve reached maximum medical improvement so we can see what damage the accident caused you, it can take weeks or months to determine the extent of injuries.
  7. We talk to the doctors gather the records and make a demand to the people who hurt you, their insurance or both.
  8. Once they’ve responded to the demand we decide whether to file a formal lawsuit if they don’t respond reasonably to our demands.
  9. Each lawsuit is different and can take different paths. Call us at 954-463-4096 if you have questions on that part.
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