Traffic Infractions

Traffic Infractions like Speeding tickets can raise your insurance and even cause you to lose your job or be turned down for new jobs. The average person who gets points on their record gets an insurance increase of 100 a month for 3 years, 3600 dollars! Consult with us on any ticket before you pay it!


F.A.Q. Traffic Defense

  1. We meet or speak to the potential client and find out information about the ticket they currently have and any tickets that are pending.
  2. We will discuss the options available, school, paying the citation or fighting it in court with all the pros and cons of each option.
  3. We make notes about the potential clients side of the story and if they decide to fight it we file paperwork with the court and attend court.
  4. In most counties in Florida there is a 3 step process.
  5. Client can enter a plea of not guilty, fight the ticket or enter school in some cases, then if fought a pre-trial conference is set.
  6. No witnesses are subpoenaed to the pretrial conference. Its an opportunity to resolve the case if its in the clients advantage, set the case for trial or make motions to dismiss if the ticket is written defectively.
  7. If the case is set for trial all witnesses are subpoenaed by the court, we’ll decide if the client would help themselves by attending and the attorney will speak to all of the witnesses before trial to see if the government can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.



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